"I created squeakycleanvinyl.com because I believe that vinyl records are one of the greatest audio inventions ever made. They present music fans with the purest form of sound that any format of recorded music has ever offered."   Actually that's bullshit.

I  listen to music in any way I can get it because quite frankly, great music is great music.

Like a great movie, it doesn't matter what the format is or was. Work with my analogy here, its really long.

I loved Star wars every time I saw it.

1977: In the theatre in Orangeville. I had to pee when they went into hyperspace and was the sad guy on the playground because of it. The sound, images and experience were amazing. Best thing ever!

1995: VHS on my bitchin' 26 JVC with matching 5.1 surround. Best thing ever!

2005: DVD on my 35" flat screen with stock speakers. Flat screens should not come with speakers. At all. Best thing ever!

2011: 7.1 on a 120" screen with my son in the awesome space we call the Treefort. Best thing ever!

The point is, that if it's something you enjoy, it can only get better with an improved delivery system and it will never get worse.

My love of music started in the mid 70's and has never stopped. My journey began with vinyl and it was great. I had a 45 of The Beatles "Revolution" and I  played air guitar on a tennis racquet in our basement, pretty sure I was 7 years old. It was then that I started my own music collection and have never stopped.

I have done cassette's, experimented with reel to reel and 8-track and was a very early CD adopter. I ran a Slink-e CD juke-box controller with multiple cd-changers and DAC's and still own and use a first generation iPod. I have ripped into FLAC, Monkey, MP3, WAV .  I was that one guy in North America who thought Mini-Disc was a good idea. I have 72 days worth of music on my truck's head unit.

I've always been drawn back to vinyl for serious listening. 

Unlike any other format of music delivery, records actually produce the sound. All other methods, whether they be CD's, tape or digital files "reproduce" the music. I don't know any other medium other than vinyl that you can play back with a sewing needle and piece of paper.

The point of all of this is that when I recently retrieved that exact Beatles 45 from my youth and played it back on my current system, it sounded fantastic.  I loved it just as much as I had on the mono-diamond-tipped-suitcase-player of my youth.


If I can, in any way, help you enjoy your music more, then I am happy.