Thanks to input from my awesome customers and many many hours of testing, the MK-III is ready to ship. My standard low quality You Tube video is below and as always, I'm happy to answer any and all questions.  Price is $145 CDN + shipping. If you browsed here from the US, shipping to you is usually less than $30 CDN making the total $175 CDN which is about $130USD right now.

If you would like to order please email me with your Postal or Zip code and I will respond with a shipping quote and total price. If you want to proceed I will send a Pay-Pal invoice

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Video is here and will hopefully answer your questions:

Third version of my record cleaning design, hence the MK-III designation. Smaller, better, more versatile. It arrives complete and ready to clean right out of the box.

Please check out the video before you ask questions (click on the information URL above) and then I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

I design and prototype things for a living and work on stuff that I can't talk about.

I also love vinyl and consume more than my fair share. This is my latest and best-so-far cleaning system.

Recent feedback from a Beta tester:

"Here are my thoughts after 2 weeks of use.
The simplicity of the design is to be admired; it is super compact and easy to
set up. I attached a one horsepower micro shop vac which is easily enough power.
The contact between the cleaning head and the surface of the record is near perfect.
Records are vacuumed so completely that they can be played almost immediately.
I've pointed out to other vinyl enthusiasts I know who use the Spin-Clean that
vacuuming is the key step.
I had looked at the Nitty Gritty and the VPI cleaners that are on the market. Both are
large, cumbersome and expensive compared to the Squeaky Clean Vinyl.
I've been collecting records for over 40 years and needless to say I have some pretty
dirty vinyl. Over the years I've also purchased a lot of used vinyl. Your cleaner restores
that lustre we look for when crate digging. Before and after plays show how effective the cleaning is.
I mentioned that I also collect old 78's and the problems associated with their cleaning.
These 78's are often 80 to 90 years old or more. They are dangerous to clean because they
have a paper core that can absorb water through a small crack or craze. The trick is to wash
and then vacuum immediately. Your cleaner works well for this, allowing me to scrub just
ahead of the vacuum while rotating with the other hand.
To sum up; great design, simple to store, set-up and use, very effective and at a reasonable price.
Great job, Nick. This product should sell itself. Have you considered selling at the record shows?
Take care,

These are made in my "lab" in Cataract Ontario and I would love to get one into your hands. I prefer to bill through PayPal and ship via Canada-Post. Shipping to either coast should be less than $20. Shipping to the USA is usually less than $30

If you have questions, please email me at or text me at 647-403-1765

Welcome to This is a very small part of a really small company known as that builds prototypes, 3D prints and and can pretty much solve all of your problems.

I am not a web designer or marketing expert. I don't have slick videos or packaging or free shipping. 

What is available here has been designed, created and used by me. I love tech, 3D printing and I love vinyl and that is how each and every one of these products has come to these pages.

If you don't see what you need or if you have an idea for an item that doesn't exist please feel free to check out and contact me with your ideas and I would love to work with you.

I offer many options to enhance your vinyl experience. Some are subtle, some make a massive difference but all are worth the price of admission.  All of them are a great value for your ear. They are all designed and made made by me  to order in your choice of color. These are listed in the order I would recommend them to a friend. We have a bunch of stuff up our sleeve so please stay tuned.

In order to keep things simple, all prices are listed in Canadian dollars and shipping is at your expense. I am happy to provide a shipping quote to anywhere in the world (I just got an order from Russia) and I do not profit from, or mark up shipping costs.