$40 + Shipping to Canada and USA

This is the most basic way you can add a vinyl vacuum component to your record care system and it works every bit as well as our more expensive options. This is the most significant improvement you can make to your Entire  vinyl collection for the same price as a single reissued LP.

Wash your dirty vinyl with what ever cleaning solution you want and then remove all of that residue, smoke, pet-hair and gnar with a couple of passes with our custom vacuum wand. All surfaces of your vinyl are fully protected and since this is 3D printed, almost any vac hose will fit. The inside and the outside are both tapered to provide a snug fit regardless of the machine you use. If you look at the second picture you will see that smaller diameter hoses fit on the inside and larger diameter hoses fit onto the outside. At all times your vac hose stays well above the surface of the record and the wand is very comfortable to hold.

All surfaces are protected by closed loop nylon and you can use this all day long without worrying about harming your vinyl.