Ready for a clean on's manual RCM

If you look at the second picture, you can actually see the lumps of dirt mould etc. rising to the surface after a 4 minute soak in a 50/50 alcohol water mix (alcohol will kill the mould). This solution was then VACUUMED off.  Not rinsed off, wiped off, brushed off or air dried. All that gnar is gone.

​I always follow with a distilled water rinse and vac.

The microscope set-up in the Lab. 2MP Andonstar USB Digital Microscope from eBay. This is the before picture of the mould on one section of each disc. Absolutely unplayable. 

I am a pretty serious crate digger and am amazed at the albums I can find for next to nothing. They just require a little TLC and a serious cleaning. Case in point, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Live 1975-1985 5 LP Box Set. I got it for $1. Nasty Though. Here are some pictures that I hope help make the case that a vac-based system is the best way to go


The "after" picture. Same vinyl, same location, complete difference.  You can see the gloss on the full size picture but the important thing is the microscopic view. Those grooves are clean. That is some   

​Entire box-set sounds absolutely fantastic.